Group Photo, Jeju (2019,10)


Dr. Kyung Hwa Cho 

Associate Professor, Ph.D., GIST

email: or

Research Professor

Dr. Kwanho Jeong

I believe that a variety of experiences would be the best teacher in life. My motto is, "Do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy", not taking quite a toll on someone or your health.


Dr. Moon Son (손문)

“Finding and sharing your best happiness in any situation” is my motivation. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing and watching basketball. Reading books (not research articles!) also gives me a peaceful moment that I love to enjoy.


Dr. Sangsoo Baek (백상수)

My motto 'Fake it till you become it'

That is, I will never give up till I reach my goal

Sanghun Park (박상훈)

I seek a stable life, so I like to watch a movie in home petting my puppy when I have nothing to work. I also liked to play basketball, but I haven’t play a basketball after I got a fracture in ankle… It causes me to lose strength, so I would like to start an exercise again! 

Graduate Students

Ather Abbas

"An avid reader of political developments around the world especially in western Asia.

Once loved to bowl in Cricket but now only follow the scorecard.

Have some taste for philosophy and literature without possessing a genius for either.

my goal is to become a rational being."


Jiyi Jang

"I love to play and talk to cats, and I also cherish drinking a glass of ice-cold beer with people I like. So, I live and work always hoping for a content life with cats and all the precious people around me"


Subin Kim

My motto is 'to be a helpful person.' 

What I think is important is living a healthier and happier life. 

I love yoga and scoccer.

Jaekyu Sim

My motto is "Work and enjoy to heart's content."  

What important for me is to make myself satisfied.

My favorite hobby is cooking!

Da Eun Yun

‘My work depends upon my mind.’ This is my motto.

I would rather be a wise woman than an intelligent woman.

Whenever I get stressed out, I sing and relieve stress.

Maybe I become a singer of a song written by my professor. 😊

Sukmin Hong

Find the courage to pursue your dreams!

Our life is anxious, but I believe that everything will be done well if you have confidence.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."  -Walt Disney

Nakyung Yoon

My motto is 'If I try to do, I can do it' 

So I want to be a person who tries until I achieve. 

I like listening to music while lying in bed.

Jiye Lee

I would make my life more meaningful. For it, I try to be passionate and have various experiences. I love watching Netflix and talking with my close friends.

Dohyuk Kwon

My motto is 'learn from yesterday, live for today, hope to tomorrow’, Let's Always do diligently. and My hobby is playing games often when I rest, and I like K-drama. If you have a favorite drama, please recommend it

Undergraduate Students

Jongbin Lee

I seek to live a meaningful life through my future career, and I want to put in every effort I can manage when given chance.

Hyein Kim

"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people"

is my motivation. When I take a break, I enjoy reading books and painting nature. I love to be happy with everyone!

Jieun Lee

My goal is to work hard in everything and live a life without regrets.

I like to listen to music in a running car.


Dr. Mayzonee Ligaray

Ph.D. & Postdoc: 2013-2020

Current Position: Associate Professor (University of Philippines, Diliman)

Dr. Minjeong Kim (김민정)

MS-Ph.D: 2015-2020

Current Position: Postdoc (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 한국원자력연구원)


Dr. Jongcheol Pyo (표종철)

MS-Ph.D: 2016-2021

Current Position: Senior Researcher (Korea Environment Institute, 한국환경정책평가연구원)


Yong Sung Kwon (권용성)

MS: 2017-2020

Current Position: Researcher, 원급 (National Institute of Ecology, 국립생태원)

Dr. Yongeun Park

Postdoc: 2016-2018

Current Position: Assistant Professor (Konkuk University, 건국대 서울캠퍼스)

Dr. Jongkwan Park

Postdoc: 2017-2019

Current Position: Assistant Professor (Changwon National University, 국립 창원대학교)

Intern Program: 김세종, 정수진, 조정원, 정혜림, 고결, 문석윤, 심성문, 임지연, 임승진, 김한웅, 김소연, 정의수, 김우연, 이찬호, 배우빈,김은성, 김진혁, 윤혜빈, 이지예, 안창모, 심재규, 김예린, 이지예, 이종률, 강예리, 손채원

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